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One Year Abroad

One Year Abroad

Today marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of our trip. To commemorate our journey we thought we’d share some of the highlights so far. It was a difficult task to pick just a few in each category because it has been an amazing year, but these are some of the standouts.


So much of traveling is the journey between point A and point B. Here are some of our favorite journeys.

  • DSC01064

    Hiking over a landslide, through a rainforest and up steep cliffs to swim in a hidden waterfall in Mindo

  • DSC03802

    Taking a road trip through South Africa

  • IMG_5623

    Relaxing and taking in the sights while traveling throughout Thailand by train

  • DSC09394

    Sailing the Milford Sound with dolphins trailing

  • DSC01016

    Exploring the dramatic landscapes of the Isle of Skye




Specific sights have been captivating travelers for centuries and new ones seem to keep being discovered. These are a few that have stuck out to us.

  • DSC03696-2

    Hanging out with penguins on Boulders Beach

  • DSC05156

    Seeing the Milky Way over the beach at Betty’s Bay

  • DSC05738

    Taking in the beautiful architecture in Prague (including some of the only cubist architecture)




We have been fortunate enough to get to participate in some special events throughout our trip and here are bunch.

  • DSC01880

    Watching the World Cup in Argentina with the most passionate soccer fans

  • DSC01904

    Enjoying the Mae Jo Mass Lantern Release without paying $100

  • DSC01411

    Ziplining through the canopy of the Mindo Cloud Forest

  • DSC01506

    Celebrating Loi Krathong and Yi Peng in Chiang Mai



Food & Drink

We love exploring places through their food and drinks. These are some stand out items.

  • DSC03127

    Christmas markets in Germany

  • buenosaires

    Steak in Buenos Aires

  • beefnoodles3

    Beef noodles in Hong Kong

  • DSC02600

    Egg coffee in Hanoi

  • DSC06793

    Black Tonic from Espresso Lab in Cape Town

  • DSC04006

    Experimental wine in Cape Town




Last but certainly not least, what makes travel extra special is the people that you share it with.

  • DSC02553

    Hanging out with friends in Buenos Aires, Sydney, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, and Munich

  • DSC06804

    Enjoying meals with new friends in Buenos Aires, Chiang Mai, Melbourne, Cape Town, Quito, Mindo, and Prague

  • DSC05037

    Our ridiculously gracious hosts throughout the world, giving advice, medicine, food, wine, and even a free place to crash in Betty’s Bay

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  1. Barbara Stettler
    May 1, 2015

    Memories to last a lifetime!