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About Us

We are Ryan and Maya; two designers that lived in the San Francisco bay area for past 5 years. We both love to travel and knew that we wanted to take a world trip some day. It was a big decision, but we decided that we would quit our jobs, sell most of our belongings, and spend a year exploring the world.

About the Blog

Retreat to Move Forward is the culmination of three years of dreaming and planning. We spent a lot of time researching how to make this trip happen. Our goal is to chronicle and share our adventures, inspire others to travel, and provide useful information that makes tedious parts of travel easier so you can focus on enjoying your trips. For more on why we created this blog see our Why the Blog post.

Why This Blog is Different

Having read and reviewed lots of travel blogs, it is clear that we have a unique perspective on travel and on our experiences (for better or worse). It is our backgrounds as user experience designers that give us this unique perspective. Our livelihoods have revolved around working with clients to observe, understand, and act on the needs of their users. This is ultimately how we approach everything. We are empathetic, while being pragmatic and honest (bullshit gets no one anywhere). We pride ourselves on being able to observe and understand situations, interactions, and environments to synthesize what is truly happening. This influences the way we experience our travels and in turn the way we share our story. This perspective is not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be, since we all have different travel styles. However, we believe we can at least inspire wannabe long-term travelers, while providing the necessary information to remove any barriers to travel so they can focus on the experiences.

We'd love to hear from you so reach out any time at hello@retreat2moveforward.com.

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